We had the privilege of working with Tailor Fare to produce a series of five short videos to showcase their private tours across the world in exotic locations.

1/5 video series in Mumbai

2/5 video series in Mumbai

3/5 video series in Mumbai

4/5 video series in Mumbai

5/5 video series in Mumbai

We are asked by Indi Maan to create a short film about her business and passion. 

This was such a fantastic project, when we found out what Wishful Smiles were intending to do and raise funds for, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. This project was filmed in West Wing Arts Centre, Slough and incorporated the effort of over 60 volunteers. We were asked by Wishful Smiles to create a short trailer for their Launch Night and to try and portray their mission and how the funds raised would be used. "Wishful Smiles is a charity that aspires to bring smiles to those whom see it the less. Our vision is to see hunger, pain, poverty and social injustice eradicated from the world; as we acknowledge that every human life matters and deserves a chance to flourish " Wishful Smiles Launch was an evening of charity and entertainment. The Wishful Smiles launch bought together a variety of cultures and entertainers from, Navin Kundra, Ak Bollwood Dance, Francis Cardoso and Dance Flavours to Selina and Shivi Hotwani’s Role play monologues. They all captivated the audience with their sizzling performances. Volunteers and the audience came from all over the country to support and raise awareness for the ‘Farmer Suicide Widow Woman Campaign’ as well as spreading the message of Wishful Smiles. £1000 was raised for the ‘Farmer Suicide Widow Woman Campaign’. A special thanks to a team of amazing, highly motivated volunteers. apeography apeography.com info@apeography.com 07504271259